What exactly are on these videos?

These videos are lessons that encompass the different aspects of Mixed Martial Arts, including wrestling, submission grappling, and striking along with drills and games that enhance the learning experience.  The material is demonstrated with my children in my home to give you an idea of the results you can obtain.

Is my child too young?

No!  Is your six month old too young for you to start teaching him or her their ABCs, colors, numbers, and shapes?  Of course not.  The younger your kids are, the earlier you can start building a foundation of learning.  Don’t waste time; each day that passes is a day where learning can take place.  These lessons will give your child a tremendous head start if you choose to enroll them in martial arts classes.

Is my child is too old for these lessons?

No!  The techniques in these lessons are not watered down or simplified for youngsters; they are the very same techniques used in professional mixed martial arts bouts and grappling matches.  The only thing I have done is demonstrate easy, fun ways to teach the material to your preschooler.  The material is beneficial for kids of all ages and parents too.

What is this going to cost me?

Nothing!  The videos included here  are free and there is no special equipment required to start teaching your child at home today.  The  only thing you will have to spend is time with your child, sharing in a fun and worthwhile activity.  And that is time well spent.

Why not just put my kid in martial arts classes?

Martial arts classes are great and I would encourage any parent to enroll their child in a reputable martial arts academy.  As a matter of fact, I train at one of the finest MMA schools on the planet, the Freestyle Fighting Academy.  We have an excellent kids program and fantastic instructors.  You better believe I will be enrolling my kids when they are older.  But for now, I am teaching them basic techniques and fundamental concepts that will prepare them for when I feel they are ready for formal classes.  Teaching your child martial arts at home is not unlike teaching your toddler their alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes prior to them starting school or playing catch or kicking around a ball before enrolling them in team sports. Another advantage with teaching at home is that some parents use martial arts classes as a form of day care.  There are classes filled with children that don’t want to be there that are preventing the children who do want to be there from learning.  At home you can teach your child, giving them the attention they deserve while focusing on the areas you feel they would most benefit.

My child is already in martial arts school.  Are these lessons of any use?

Absolutely!  These lessons are an excellent way to supplement classes.  Think of them as homework.  You will find drills and techniques that will improve your child’s performance in class and still be able to spend quality time practicing martial arts together.

I don’t know martial arts or how to teach martial arts for that matter!  How can I teach my child?

No martial arts experience or knowledge is required.  All the techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated.  In fact, even though these lessons and drills are geared toward preschoolers, older children and even adults can learn from them.

Will martial arts make my child become violent?

Practicing martial arts has the exact opposite effect.  Not only will you teach your child martial arts techniques, but you can also use this time to instill in them martial arts core values.  Integrity, honesty, and discipline are concepts that you can instill in your child from a very early age during martial arts practice sessions.  Martial arts lessons are a perfect time to explain to your child your philosophy on how and when to defend themselves.  This is a very personal subject and differs from parent to parent.


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