Teaching In Small Doses

small doseI have found the most effective way to teach my young ones is in small doses. Too much material can overwhelm them and actually prohibit learning. Keeping lessons to one or two techniques seems to work best. Gradually additional moves can be added.

It is also best to keep the moves related. For example one day teach grappling techniques, the next day focus on wrestling, etc. As they learn a new move, be sure to revisit older techniques to reinforce what they have already learned.

I have had some training sessions where everything was going so well that I had lost track of time and had to to force myself to stop so that I wouldn’t overwhelm my boys with too much information.  I’ve had other sessions where I was pressed for time and just focused briefly on one technique.  From my experience the short sessions are just as effective as the longer ones as far retention is concerned.

So remember the rule “less is more”.  Keep sessions short and practice often.  Eventually your child will have learned a large repertoire of techniques.

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